Oscars head towards "No Country"

Surprise surprise. No Country for Old Men took home this year’s best picture statue. It also won for Joel/Ethan Coen’s outstanding directing (finally), adapted screenplay, and brilliant Javier Bardem. And of course, Daniel Day-Lewis won for There Will Be Blood. He truly does drink your milkshake. Honestly if he didn’t win, I’d swear off the Academy for good.
There Will Be Blood was my favorite film of the year and although I’m a little disappointed it lost, I know it won’t be forgotten come 20-30 years from now. Still, I’m glad No Country won as well. This was the award the Coen Brothers should’ve gotten for Fargo and should’ve been nominated for The Big Lebowski.
Each best picture nominee got at least one award. Michael Clayton‘s Tilda Swinton won for her menacing corporation head. She was fantastic, but Blanchett was better as Bob Dylan. Nearly forgotten Atonement got a best score win while Juno won for best original screenplay. Accepting the award was Diablo Cody, who came dressed as Fred Flinstone.
Ratatouille scored another win for Pixar. It still haunts me that Surfs Up was chosen in that category over The Simpsons Movie. Marion Cotilard won best actress. Haven’t seen the movie she was in and don’t really want to. All I know is that Ellen Page deserved that trophy. She’s young, she’ll win sometime hopefully. Same goes to Paul Thomas Anderson. A Kubrick for this generation, the mastermind was shut out for his sweeping masterpiece. Oh well, Orson Welles lost for Citizen Kane. Yep, I just compared Blood to Kane because its just that good. Hopefully, this was just a preview for more greatness to come from him.
The surprise appearance by Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill was hilarious enough to make up for the fact that Knocked Up and Superbad were totally shut out and Norbit got a nod instead. As for the host himself, Stewart, another fine job. He managed to keep things fun for the 3 hour ceremony. His joke that Cate Blanchett was a dog in No Country was sheer genius, as was his salute to binoculars.
Congrats to the Coen Brothers for finally winning. Daniel and Javier, you deserved it, and P.T. Anderson will be called up one day soon. Let’s pray for a good ceremony next year and a good winner as well. Maybe a few less accents would help, too. Mostly, please get Judd Apatow’s name on the ballot for once.

My question to you: Will No Country For Old Men hold up and become a classic? My answer: yes. But I think this will be a French Connection-Clockwork Orange scenario: the former was deserving and soon became a classic but the latter would one day become a timeless and forever discussed masterwork. No Country will be like French and Blood will be like Clockwork