This Year’s Most Painful Oscar Snubs

Here are a few films and actors that unjustly received no love from the Academy:

Knocked Up/Superbad- In a year that redefined comedy, Judd Apatow and his loyal crew reigned. Apatow struggled for fame with such underrated comic gems as Freaks and Geeks and Undeclared but finally rose to fame as Knocked Up and Superbad reached the $100 million mark. Who would’ve known that the awkwardness of high school or an unplanned pregnancy could be so funny? Too bad the Academy didn’t notice.
Heath Ledger- The actor broke through in 2005 with his haunted cowboy in Brokeback Mountain and three years later; his life was tragically cut short. In one of his last roles, Ledger proved his ability with his version of a young and rebellious Bob Dylan in I’m Not There, a performance that was overshadowed by Blanchett. Even if the Academy looked away, this performance will always be remembered as that of a budding legend who died to young.
The Simpsons Movie- It took nearly two decades to get to the big screen but it was worth the wait. Matt Groening adapted his show into something deeper then an extended episode while hitting the audience with non-stop laughter. Oh Academy, couldn’t you have at least given a break for poor Spider Pig?
Josh Brolin- Javier has gotten all of the attention, but people seem to be forgetting the true heart and soul of No Country for Old Men. It rests in the good guy, Brolin, as a hunter who stumbles upon the cash. It may be a film without a true emotional center but once he goes down, something seems missing. To put it short, he is sly, funny, and truly convinvcing. May Brolin have a bright future ahead of him.
Paul Dano- Here’s another great actor overshadowed by another character. Day-Lewis dominates every frame of There Will Be Blood, but Dano’s misguided preacher deserves praise as well. He acts like a crazy priest you’d see shouting tounges on Church TV perfectly and manages to shock with his character’s unpredictable turn. Going from a silent teen in Little Miss Sunshine to this role, Dano proved his range. Despite the snub, Dano has a promising future up the road.

  • -erik

    love your ledger love(haha), the only thing I disagree with is Paul Dano. good in a few pars, excluding the preaching scenes, he overacted when he really shouldnt have(and im not talking about the scenes in the third revelation), for the most part I found him to just be over the top.

    loving the blog man, now you know for sure you have a reader:)