Weekly Top 10

Every week, I will have a new top 10 list prepared. What better way to start my blog then with the top 10 movies of all time? So here it is:
The top 10 movies of all time:

1. A Clockwork Orange-Kubrick’s brutal view of the future offers unforgettable images, shock, and hilarious irony. 30 years on, and it’s still as shocking as it was upon its release.
2. The Godfather-Coppola’s timeless crime saga contains one of the greatest performances of all time (Marlon Brando) as well as an unflinching portrayal of honor and betrayal that will forever outlive all predecessors and imitators.
3. Pulp Fiction- Tarantino’s hilarious and fascinating dialogue manage to avoid focusing on plot and instead show subtle character development. It’s also the best performance by (Scientoligist) John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson.
4. Goodfellas- Another great crime film from the 90s is also Scorsese’s greatest work. It brings us into a life we don’t want to hear about it but by the end, we’re haunted and begging for more. To bad Dances with Wolves beat it for Best Picture.
5. Once upon a Time in the West- The Good the Bad and the Ugly has always been the most revered, but West is Leone’s greatest film, and the genre at its finest. The prolonged silences and lack of dialogue are substituted by its beautiful musical score. Clocking in at nearly three hours, its worth every minute.
6. Chinatown- Polanski took this homage to 40s crime thrillers and pumped it up with the demons of his own life for this film. Every snippet of dialogue and plot is unforgettable along with one of film’s darkest endings ever.
7. The Graduate- Made in 1967, this film brought down Classical Hollywood and the line between Baby Boomers and the new generation. Not at all political, but a comment of its time and a timeless portrait of the loss of innocence and the aimless journey to adulthood.
8. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest- Nicholson’s free-spirited R.P. McMurphy brings life into the cold halls of a corrupt mental hospital ruled by evil Nurse Ratched. The ending never fails to bring me to tears even as I stand up and applaud.
9. Taxi Driver- DeNiro’s best performance is well beyond the legendary mirror scene. Nobody but the team of him and Scorsese have created such a truthful and haunting portrayal of loneliness and isolation.
10. American Beauty- Unjustly considered by many the worst film ever to win best picture (Rocky over Taxi Driver/Network/All the President’s Men, anyone?) the film truly embodies its tagline: “Look Closer”. Look closer to understand one man’s (Kevin Spacey) struggle to break free from his dull suburban life and reach the so-called “American Dream”. Haunting and hilarious, it dares to portray this country in the darkest ways that no one else will.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/11983285264871258856 Alex

    I think this is potentially the most accurate list ive seen. Although I havent seen them I can imagine some old school afficianados would make an argument for casablanca or gone with the wind.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/07421436234004026594 ilana

    awesome ian