Who’s Your Favorite Arrested Development Character?

In honor of the possibility that the brilliant but canceled TV show, Arrested Development, may become a movie (cross your fingers) I was pondering who my favorite character on the show may be. Many comedy shows have one clear favorite character, but Arrested has so many funny, unique characters that it’s impossible to choose. If you are lucky enough to have seen the show (and if you haven’t yet, go watch it now) can you pick a favorite character? Is it sexually confused (or just plain stupid) Tobias (pictured)? Sheltered and child-like Buster? Idiotic, failed magician Gob? His puppet Franklin? Racist Lucille? Awkward George Michael? Other?

Let me know what you think. And in the coming weeks look out for a compiled list of the greatest TV show characters of all time. And at least one person from Arrested has to make it on, so which should it be?

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/10855371384643047016 jakejordansays

    hey ian, i’m a friend of gabe’s from hopkins and saw the link to your blog on his gchat. first off, GREAT blog. your taste in films is impeccable and i love the picks you make. the quick quotes are incredible as well, haha.

    regarding arr. dev. favorites, it’s way too hard to pick one. it changes everytime i think about it – all of them are so great in their own right. but if i had to choose right now: tobias. david cross is just one of the best comedians.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/07421436234004026594 ilana

    this is way too hard of a decision to make. this is one of the only tv shows that had a whole ensemble of entirely original and hilarious characters..but i may just have to go with GOB. maybe it’s my love for will arnett or maybe it’s the whole magic thing but either way i laugh at everything he says on this show.

    Gob: Steve Holt’s not my son.
    George Michael Bluth: Steve Holt? What, the moron jock?
    Gob: That’s my son, you pothead.