A Desperate Plea to Hollywood/Michael Bay Sucks

It is to my dismay to announce that Michael “I like explosions” Bay is planning a remake of Roman Polanski’s 1968 horror classic Rosemary’s Baby. I wish this were a joke, but it’s true. Why are they even bothering. The original just turned 40 but still remains one of the best horror films ever made. Bay has made blockbusters such as Transformers, Pearl Harbor, Bad Boys, and Armageddon. The brilliance of the original Rosemary was how the horror was built up on character development and surprise rather than relentless gore. Put Bay in front of the camera, and the film will include Rosemary’s apartment blowing up in a loud, unnecessary explosion as the devil baby is first discovered. My biggest fear is that this will come out and few will know this is a remake and instead be exposed to an unnecessary remake. So if any Hollywood executives happen to be reading this I beg of you, DO NOT REMAKE ROSEMARY’S BABY! There’s no need to. Not to mention the fact that the destroyer of art and the blockbuster Michael Bay is a terrible idea. Its been forty years since the movie came out, and I’m just taking a guess by saying that he is the demonic child that Rosemary unknowingly gave birth to and the eventual cause of the apocalypse.

From here on I call a boycott of Michael Bay until this idea of a remake is brought to the ground.

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