This Week’s Sign of the Apocalypse

News has come out about a new comedy called Goodie Two Shoes. Why is it this week’s sign of the apocalypse? One thing, it’s from those morons who made Meet the Spartans, Epic Movie, and Date Movie. These men are the destroyers of comedy. Most importantly about this project, it’s a spoof of Superbad. I’ll repeat, a spoof of Superbad. How can you spoofa comedy? On that matter, an amazing comedy? Based on their other movies in this Scary Movie like spoof trend, it won’t be original or have any form of insight/satire: it’ll just be imitating the movie it parodies scene for scene but with different actors. So basically, Two Shoes will include two guys who look exactly like Jonah Hill and Michael Cera talking about the exact same things, except it won’t be funny. According to my man Lance at Filmdrunk, the movie will also be spoofing The Love Guru. Um, how exactly do they plan to spoof a movie that hasn’t even come out yet? Hmm, these guys may be idiots, but it’s very possible that their psychics as well! Imitating a movie that hasn’t been released? What’s next? Can these guys also see dead people?
If you’re looking for an excellent example of satire, check out some of Mel Brooks’ work. It mananges to imitate what it spoofs but yet has jokes of its own and is actually trying to say something. His spoof on westerns Blazing Saddles, looked like a classic western yet was mocking the utter ridiculousness of racism in modern society. I think the douchebags behind Goodie Two Shoes need to watch and learn.

Update on the Michael Bay Boycott: Still going strong, refusing to give into Transformers. For more encouragement on why Michael Bay sucks, please watch this video: