A Few Questions about the "Disaster Movie" Trailer

Yes, those morons behind every major movie spoof we see today are at it again this time lampooning disaster films with…you guessed it…Disaster Movie. After sacrificing my own dignity and watching the entire trailer, I found myself more confused than I was at the ending of Mullholland Drive. Here are a few questions I have about Disaster Movie:

1) If Disaster Movie is supposed to be mocking disaster films, then why is Iron Man in it?
2) If Disaster Movie is supposed to be mocking disaster films, why is the Hulk in it?
3) Didn’t the duo behind this film already make a movie mocking superheroes called Superhero Movie? 
4) If this is coming out on August 29th that means it was made a few months back and both Sex & the City and Iron Man were released just a month ago so how the hell were they able to spoof two movies that hadn’t even come out yet? Special screenings?
5) How can they spoof a movie which audiences haven’t even gotten a chance to see yet (Hancock)?
6) Since when are Juno and Enchanted disaster films? Once is a Disney musical and the other is about a pregnant teenager…
The list could go on. Like I said once before, another great opportunity to mock such a ridiculous genre has been wasted. In fact I’ve come to believe that creators Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer are being paid billions of dollars by major studios to imitate scenes from their films so they can make more money once released in theaters and on DVD. That, or there is no God. But for now, does anyone have a more logical explanation?
Note: I’ve decided not to post Disaster Movie’s trailer to save your brain cells. Unfortunately, it is already too late for me.