The Most Vile and Corrupt Thing On the Planet: The MTV Movie Awards

There was a time when I loved and valued the MTV Movie Awards. After all, they were one of the few award ceremonies smart enough to recognize Kill Bill. As MTV’s TV shows progressively worsen (I’m talking to you My Super Sweet 16 and The Hills) so has their awards ceremony.

The MTV Movie Awards were designed as sort of a counterpart to the Oscars, choosing what audiences really want to see win an award. From the looks of the winners, either the MTV Movie Award voters are on crack, or there’s something seriously wrong with audiences movie taste nowadays.
The winner? Transformers. TRANSFORMERS. Guess my Michael Bay boycott hasn’t been working as the biggest d-bag in the industry went up to accept the only award he’ll probably ever win (except for a Razzie maybe). Well, Transformers beat out loved-by-everyone Superbad and Oscar nominated Juno.
Many other things saddened me over the course of the ceremony as well. As great and actor as Johnny Depp is, he was quite an awards hog last night, taking home two trophies for categories he didn’t deserve. While I didn’t see Pirates 3 (and never plan on doing so) I did see Sweeny Todd for which he picked up the best villain award. And while I thought it was fantastic and he gave a chilling performance, in no way did he deserve best villain. It belonged in the hands of Oscar-Winner Javier Bardem, whose chilling Anton Chigurh still haunts my dreams. Why he lost is inexplicable.
The other award Depp picked up was Best Comedic Performance for Pirates 3. While I didn’t see the third installment I did see the first two. As funny as he was in it his antics grow kind of tiring as the film reaches close to the 3 hour mark. Shouldn’t a great comedic performance never grow tiring and always make you laugh? That’s why it’s a shame both Jonah Hill’s performance in Superbad and Seth Rogen’s turn in Knocked Up both lost the award. Both were risky and made you laugh the whole way through. Two of the best comedies of the year went home from the ceremony totally empty handed. Tear.
A few other shameful events include Zach “Zaquisha” Efron winning best breakthrough performance for Hairspray even when he already broke out in High School Musical. He also managed to beat out three actors from Superbad who were nominated as well. They all had true breakouts this years. Also, Step Up 2 won an award which hopefully wont inspire another sequel.
Host Mike Myers was very funny as usual. His Wayne’s World reunion was a hilarious and welcome surprise that answered my question as to whether or not Dana Carvey is still alive (answer: yes). The only thing that bugged me about Myers’ hosting is the fact that it was all a plug for his upcoming Love Guru, a summer comedy I encourage nobody under any circumstance to go see.
Hopefully, next year MTV will realize these mistakes and make a better awards ceremony next year, one that includes films with at least one brain cell. They could’ve this year: No Country for Old Men and There Will Be Blood may’ve been Oscar winning “adult” films but they were both hip and are loved by teenagers as well as adults. Maybe MTV needs to interview a few kids before they pick their winners.
Next goal: Get MTV to put Beavis and Butthead back on the air.