This Week’s Sign of the Apocalypse

According to Perez Hilton, a sequel AND prequel have been planned for 2007′s mega hit 300. Being one of the only (well, maybe the only) people on the planet who realized this movie sucked am totally against the idea. As cool as some of the action/battles in 300 were I wouldn’t necessarily call it groundbreaking. Not to mention the grotesque historical inaccuracies (yeah yeah sure, it’s for entertainment value) and extremely laughable story. So Hollywood, continue to make sequels to good graphic novels/comic books like Batman and Sin City and leave crap like 300 alone. One was enough. And if you’re still a little angry over my negative review, I’m right over here, come and get me.

P.S. After 300 came out, many seemed to believe that Gerard Butler was something like “the ultimate badass” (that title however, belongs to Anton Chigurh). I disagree for just a few months later he decided to take a starring role in romantic comedy P.S. I Love You. Real badass.