This Week’s Sign of the Apocalypse

Justin Timberlake might host the Oscars this year. Yep, no joke. He’s in the running to host the Academy Awards. Are the Oscars really that desperate for ratings. In my opinion, Jon Stewart was a fantastic host and is probably even more popular with the American public than Justin Timberlake. This just shows how out of touch the Academy is. Anyway, I thought the Oscars wouldn’t even have difficulties finding an audience after they nominate The Dark Knight for best picture (yes, they better). And if they really want a popular comedian how about Stephen Colbert? Tina Fey? Conan O’Brien? Seth Rogen? Judd Apatow? The list goes on.

Yes, the Oscars are very out of touch. And I hope High School Musical 3 destroys the world before Justin Timberlake has the chance to show off his (non-existent) “talent”. Please, Academy…do the right thing.
If you don’t believe me, look at this site: