Emmys Go "Mad" for "30 Rock", "Men"

I’m going to make this quick, considering I still have some English reading to do. Mainly, the ceremony contained 5 awful hosts, a few big surprises, and a lot of “I saw that coming”. 

First off, whatever God there is answered my prayers and brought a 30 Rock takeover. Giving Tina Fey three awards and brilliant Alec Baldwin one as well. Maybe this (as well as Fey’s promotion for the show in her speech) will finally get people watching. But seriously though, watch this show. WATCH THIS SHOW.
Meanwhile, Mad Men predicatbly won. I can’t say much more about it, so I guess I’m going to have to start watching it now.
Meanwhile in other categories, Michael Emerson didn’t pull off the upset I hoped for as The Others’ creepy leader in Lost (or he may not be, I’m only in season 3). Stephen Colbert picked up his first Emmy ever for the writing of the always genius Colbert Report. However he lost best varitey show program to The Daily Show (however, either show winning would’ve satisfied me). What really bugged me though was Colbert being passed over for guest host for Don Rickles. I don’t care how old/legendary Rickles is. Colbert has created his very own person four days a week and has found a new place for humor in keeping such a straight face. But, you’ll get it one day Stephen. For now, you’ll just have to live with being Martin Scorsese of the TV host world.
A prevalent theme of the ceremony itself seemed to be nostalgia. Nostalgia for the shows of the good ol’ days of TV. But maybe that nostalgia instead should’ve been for better ceremonies of the past. Instead of a comedian (geez, they’re so rare nowadays, who is this Stephen Colbert fellow anyway?) they went with five reality show hosts. Each one was a lot more smug then funny. Couldn’t Seacrest use any of that funny he had in his Knocked Up cameo for hosting the Emmys? Guess not. This really shows how our society has sadly been taken over by reality TV. Next thing you know, the cast of The Hills will host next year’s ceremony and the cast of Disaster Movie will host the Oscars. Shutter.
As far as snubs go, there were many. Too many maybe. Amy Poehler should’ve taken home the best supporting actress Emmy for being by far the best part of the now crumbling Saturday Night Live. There won’t be much left of that show once she leaves for good after her baby is born. Meanwhile, the best comedy category could’ve used some improvement. While 30 Rock was a deserving win, the weak fourth season of Entourage wasn’t worthy and neither was Two and a Half Men. How about some love for the emerging sensation of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia or the still underappreciated My Name is Earl
And how can you nominate 30 Rock but forget to mention it’s funniest character; Tracy Morgan’s portrayal of well…himself should’ve been a best supporting actor shoo-in, as should’ve Jane Krakowski’s performance as the very paranoid Jenna “Me Want Food” Maroney.
So that’s all. Hopefully, this ceremony taught you that 30 Rock is the best show on TV and needs to be watched. What else did I learn? That reality shows may be popular, but they still suck. Leave the hosting job up to comedians…they know what they’re doing. Until next year, happy TV watching.