Fall TV Begins

Unfortunately, The Office and the underrated My Name is Earl don’t start up again until next Thursday. Even worse, 30 Rock won’t be returning until the end of October. However, if you haven’t started watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia yet, now’s your chance. Sunny’s season premiere tonight is at 10 PM on FX. And since creator/star Rob McElhenney is such a great guy, he decided to kick the year off with two new episodes. In these episodes, the gang develops a taste for cannibalism and then tries to solve the gasoline crisis. Knowing Sunny‘s sick, twisted sense of humor, these episodes will be outrageous, offensive, and brilliant. And I cannot wait.

To get a preview of Sunny’s sick little mind, here’s one of there best, most shocking episodes yet:
And to see why Charlie Day should be nominated for an Emmy already, watch this clip: