Lost: Reflecting on Four Seasons of Brilliance, Bewilderment, and Polar Bears

This summer, I was pulled into a show I thought I’d never watch in a million years: “Lost”. I began the series in late July and watched the season four finale this past Friday. What I experienced was quiet possibly one of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had in both movies and TV. “Lost” made me rethink life, learn about new cultures and literature, and mostly made me ponder how a giant cloud of smoke could symbolize fate and freewill. “Lost” is quiet simply the most important piece of sci-fi to hit American popular culture since “Star Wars”.

“Lost” left me with so much left to ponder. Below are some questions, answers, ideas, and other thoughts about “Lost” (Warning: Spoilers ahead):
What is that giant cloud of smoke?
Well, we know it’s the monster that ate the pilot in episode one. But mainly, what does it represent. One theory is that the many ghosts seen by the survivors on the island are actually forms that monster has shifted to. I believe this theory may be right. It explains why Mr. Eko was beaten to death by the monster moments after seeing the ghost of his brother Yemi. It murdered him out of vengeance and repentance for his sins. The monster helps people look into their subconscious and confront the evil within them.
How did the plane crash?
I could just say simply that there was a technical failure, but J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof want the audience to think deeper than that. Really, I do not know the answer. One theory says it was the smoke monster. Desmond (Henry Ian Cusick) thinks it was a result of the one day he forgot to push the button in the Hatch. Hurley’s curse might’ve done it, so could’ve Claire’s devil baby. Here’s a new theory: Could the man who never ages, the same man who tried to bring Locke (Terry O’Quinn) to the island in his youth have been part of a conspiracy to shoot the plane down just as it flew over this island? Debate amongst yourselves.
Why were there polar bears on the island?
This I have an answer to. They were used by the hippie-scientific movement the Dharma Initiative for their experiments. Which experiment it was exactly, I’m not sure, but I believe it might be something to do with the Orchid Station and time travel. Maybe season five will give us a clearer answer.
Is Claire dead?
Hmmmm….that’s a good question. That rocket blew her house up pretty good. Even though she’s been walking around and talking, she’s seemed kind of in a daze at the end of season 4 as if she isn’t alive. Sound ridiculous? Just remember, that everyone seems to see ghosts on this island, so it’s very possible that everyone is seeing a ghost right now. This could also explain why she was in Jacob’s cabin. And speaking of Jacob…
…who (or what) the hell is he?
Is that ghost of Christian Shephard whose always in Jacob’s cabin actually Jacob himself, or is he just sitting in for Jacob as he’s out wandering the woods. Or maybe Jacob is actually the entire island itself. Will the creators ever reveal this to us. According to my magic eight ball, signs point to…no.
I encourage any of my readers who are “Lost” conspirators to please come forward and share your questions, answers, and conspiracies here. And for now, turn to the almighty Jeff Jensen for some possible answers and tune in February when “Lost” returns on ABC:
  • http://openid.aol.com/ablue8889 ablue8889

    what about Richard who doesn’t age? and the four toed foot?

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/03535468365333337862 Ian Phillips

    well, on richard who doesnt age-i think it has something to do with the magic/power of the island. some believe that the island can give and take things away from certain people. it can give locke back his ability to walk and then take boone’s life at the same time. richard must have been given eternal life.
    many people also say the reason charles widmore wants the island so much is because it can cause people to live forever, which would explain why richard never ages. however, we do see ben age from a child to an adult so there’s a flaw in the theory. but, it’s possible that that can only happen to people born on the island, so it’s possible richard was actually born on the island (even though the island kills all its babies)

    as for the four toed foot, please refresh my memory on this