This Week’s Karma Alert

Usually, I take the time out to see what pop culture events are leading to an ultimate global crisis. Last week, it seemed like the end with Hell School Musical 3 debuting at the top of the box office with $42 million. Yuck. But finally, an underrated gem had its day. That is, Tina Fey and “30 Rock”. “30 Rock” ran for two brilliant seasons almost completely unnoticed. Thanks to a loyal (but small) fan base, awards, and critical praise, the show stayed out of cancellation territory. At least temporarily. Last night’s season three premiere of 30 Rock was a test of whether or not it would last any longer. It passed, with its highest rating yet (8.5 million viewers). It didn’t win its time slot but lets take this one step at a time. At least people are finally watching.

Hopefully, this Karma will carry out for Fey and her trio of Emmys and Palin impersonation will earn her entertainer of the year by Entertainment Weekly. For now I say, good luck Tina and good luck “30 Rock”. You deserve it.
Check out my review of the season three premiere of “30 Rock” here:
Bonus Karma: Married couple Will Arnett (“Arrested Development”) and Amy Poehler (“SNL”) had their first child this weekend, Archie Arnett. Big congratulations to what is likely to be the funniest child on the face of the Earth (but maybe we should give Rob McElhenney and Kaitlin Olson a little time).
Bonus: Happy Halloween! Before you embark on the sugar-crazed holiday, enjoy this spooky scary clip from the aforementioned “30 Rock”: