For Your Consideration

During the months of December and January, I will post some people/movies that deserve Academy Award recognition in February. So, if any Academy members are viewing this blog, please take this post into consideration…

With my first “For Your Consideration” post I decided instead of starting big, I’d start small. That’s why I’m starting with a category often overlooked: Best Original Song. While it may unfortunately be passed over in all of the main categories, here is the Academy’s chance to honor “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.” It offered not one, but three fantastic, hilarious, and catchy songs. Oscar is never kind to comedies in the categories that matter, but they have often been kind to them in the song category (ex: “Blame Canada” from “South Park Bigger, Longer, and Uncut”).
Here are the three songs from “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” worthy of a nomination:
Dracula’s Lament
We’ve Got To Do Something

Inside Of You

  • jordan

    in what type of world do we live in where they’re even considering miley cyrus for an oscar nom for bolt?