Seth Meyers: Criticizing Hypocrisy Done Right

For the past few days, I’ve thought about writing a post in defense of Michael Phelps and the whole “I smoked marijuana once for God’s sakes I’m just a kid scandal.” Instead I’m just going to let Seth Meyers say everything I’ve been thinking. Meyers isn’t always the best actor, but when it comes to delivering punchlines, he does it like no other on “Saturday Night Live” today. His “Really?!?” segment on Weekend Update feels a little half-empty without Amy anymore, but last night, he still managed to deliver the goods. Mainly, by dissing out everyone making a fuss about those photos of Michael Phelps smoking a bong. There wasn’t enough anger toward Elisabeth Hasselback’s tirades against Phelps, but I digress. Meyers’s observations that Kellog, who recently dropped Phelps as a spokesperson, have the characters of a bunch of elves who live in trees and think of new things to put cheese on is like stoner heaven, was genius. But, Meyers deserved a standing ovation for this line:

“If you’re at a party and you see Michael Phelps smoking a bong and you’re first thought isn’t ‘wow I get to party with Michael Phelps’ and instead you take a picture and sell it to a tabloid you should take a long look in the mirror because you’re a dick. I mean really.”
Zing. Why haven’t more people besides “SNL” decided to stand up for Phelps. And if A-Rod testing positive for steroids doesn’t create as much of an uproar as Phelps getting high, than I’m waging war on the media (mainly, Elisabeth Hasselback). Here’s the clip if you missed it: