Where The Wild Things Are: An Awesome Movie Based on an Awesome Book

After months of reshoots and other controversies, “Where the Wild Things Are,” based on the book by Maurice Sendak, finally got a trailer. And might I say, it looks awesome. Rather than putting it in the hands of one of the idiots who thought “High School Musical” was a good influence on children, the classic story is being handled by Spike Jonze. This is the same Spike Jonze who’s wild imagination brought Charlie Kaufman’s scripts of “Being John Malkovich” and “Adaptation” to life. 

Hopefully, Jonze will make a fantasy world seem as wildly real and plausible as that of “Spirited Away” while using this fantasy to mirror the darkness of reality like in “Pan’s Labyrinth,” minus all that bloody Spanish Civil War stuff.
For now, I just pray the studios haven’t butchered the film like reports have claimed. Then again, the films that get butchered by studios usually prove to be the best ones (see: “Apocalypse Now”).
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    this looks AMAZING!