Summer Movie Trailers: I Love You, Beth Cooper & Public Enemies

I Love You, Beth Cooper
The trailer for “I Love You, Beth Cooper” might seem a little off-putting without some context. First off, it is based off of a book written by Larry Doyle (a writer from “The Simpsons”). It’s a last night of high school story that was written in a wide-range of obscure and obvious pop culture references, strange math equations, slapstick, but a tender heart at the center. The trailer only seems to focus on the slapstick part of the story. I pray this is merely a typical marketing strategy to attract a younger crowd and not a big studio butchering of intelligent comedy. Nevertheless, Doyle wrote the screenplay for the movie. Hopefully, he’ll stay faithful to his own work because if he does, audiences will be looking at something of a much less innocent, much more awkward modern day version of “American Graffiti.” Trailer below:

Public Enemies
All I can say is that pretty much everything about the trailer looks flawless. “Public Enemies” looks like what might happen if “Goodfellas,” “Bonnie & Clyde,” “The Untouchables,” and “American Gangster” were thrown into a blender. In other words, a film about the somewhat human side of a gangster and a larger-than-life portrayal of a larger-than-life criminal. Most importantly, don’t skip the film because you can’t take Christian Bale seriously after his now infamous, over-the-top rant. If “American Psycho” proves anything, it’s that this man knows how to give a fine performance. Plus, Depp has already impressed once by playing a criminal (George Jung in “Blow”), so I think he can do it again.  Trailer Below: