Watch: Precious (aka Push) Trailer

“Precious” (still is and always will be titled “Push” in my mind), a movie I reported with a sensational review a few months ago at Sundance, is finally making its way to theaters. The release date is not set yet but hopefully it’ll be sometime soon. 

“Precious” follows Precious (Gabby Sidibe), an overweight black girl whose pregnant with the second child of her father. She lives with an abusive mother (Mo’Nique) on welfare. 
Too often I say a movie is extremely depressing yet uplifting in the end, but this time, I truly mean it. Few films will put you into the depths of the most horrible abuse and tragedy and then shine a tiny glimmer of hope above your head. Seeing this movie might not just make you a better person.
Watch the trailer below; if you tear up over it then be prepared for the movie (not that this should discourage you from seeing it). Also, keep Mo’Nique down as a frontrunner in your Oscar pool. Seriously, snubbing her stunning performance would be a crime:
  • jordan

    Ian you are a GENIUS. Ive been following all of your reviews and they couldn’t be more correct, except for Juno which is a total chick flick and sucked. Keep up the good work

  • Dustin Dobbs

    Wow Ian good job. You sure do know the right movies to preview and critique. Looking forward to seeing this one.