Judging the Trailer: Jennifer’s Body

Normally, I wouldn’t be too interested in a movie like “Jennifer’s Body.” Frankly, “Twilight” has made me sick of all things that have to do with teen horror films. But “Jennifer’s Body” has one thing that sets it apart from your average teen flick: Diablo Cody.

Yes, that Diablo Cody; the one who was once a stripper and is now an Oscar-winning screenwriter (for “Juno”). To this day, “Juno” splits many people apart. To this day, I still need to take time to convince my friends that it’s a classic. Maybe what they don’t like is the blatant way-too-hip dialogue. If that’s true, then they certainly won’t like “Jennifer’s Body.”
“Jennifer’s Body” is far from a heart warming “Juno”esque comedy. Based on the trailer, it’s a horror film with a dark comic twist. 
So, who has the honor of playing the title role of Jennifer? It’s none other than Megan Fox. She’s a cheerleader who becomes possessed and goes off on a man killing spree. 
Unfortunately, the movie does not reunite Cody with “Juno” director Jason Reitman. Fortunately, Reitman remains a part of the production, but this time in the producer rather than the director chair. But at least Reitman had the good sense of putting J.K. Simmons in this movie (he was in Reitman’s “Thank you for Smoking” and “Juno”).
Besides Fox and Simmons, the cast also boasts Amanda Seyfried, Adam Brody, and “Strangers with Candy” comedian Amy Sedaris.
Despite looking like a gory horror film, “Jennifer’s Body” also seems something like a high school satire, especially when you hear the line “No I mean, she’s actually evil. Not high school evil.” Hilarious.
With an Oscar- screenwriter behind it, “Jennifer’s Body” looks like (and hopefully will be) a sophisticated horror film (like “Silence of the Lambs” or “Rosemary’s Baby”) rather than a piece of horror porn (like “Hostel”). My one question: can Megan Fox pull off a convincing high schooler? And can someone from “The O.C.” (Brody) actually act?
Here’s the trailer*:
*Note: The trailer requires you to enter your age to watch. You must be over 18. It comes with a simple (and probably intended) loophole: just enter any age you want. Man, I love the internet.