Kill Bill Volume 3: Why I’m Excited

Whenever someone asks me how I got so into film, I give them a simple answer: I watched “Kill Bill: Volume 1.” In a way my life is split in two parts: before I watched “Kill Bill,” and after I watched “Kill Bill.”

Since “Kill Bill” wrapped up five years ago with its amazing sequel, I was sure that would be the last time we’d ever get to see Beatrix Kiddo (Uma Thurman).
But ever since Quentin Tarantino released part two in 2004, rumors and speculation about a third part were all over the internet. Some said it’d be a prequel, chronicling The Bride’s days as a member of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad. Others said it would be shot totally in anime. Others thought it would be about an older Nikki Bell avenging her mother’s murder. I dismissed these theories as pure rumors. Not anymore. Yesterday, Tarantino announced that he plans on making “Kill Bill: Volume 3.” He claims he would want a 10-year break between the second and third film. If so, then it should be released around 2014.
When I first saw this I thought perhaps it was a joke. But during Cannes ’08, Tarantino promised that his WWII film “Inglourious Basterds” would be ready for the Festival in 2009. While Tarantino is usually known for taking time between shooting films (there was a six year gap between “Jackie Brown” and “Kill Bill: Volume 1″), he showed up one year later with one of the strangest, funniest, and most mesmerizing war films I’ve ever seen.
Now that “Basterds” has grossed over $114 million and allowed me to say the word “bastard” without getting into trouble, Tarantino will now likely be given the artistic freedom to do whatever he wants with this sequel. Since no hint of a premise has been given, it’s time to speculate. As great as it would be to get a D.V.A.S prequel, I think the great thing about the original “Kill Bill” films is that The Bride’s past is mostly shrouded in mystery. The extent of her skills as a killer must be left solely to the imagination. Also, it would be impossible to do this prequel, since Carradine died earlier this year.
Of the theories, Nikki Belle’s revenge sounds most plausible. When The Bride tells her “when you’re older, if you still feel raw about this…I’ll be waiting,” it’s almost an invitation to make a sequel. Here’s another possibility: Elle Driver (Daryl Hannah) remained alive after her eye was plucked out. Will a totally blind Elle try to strike back at The Bride? Or maybe Tarantino will bring back Michael Parks. His performance as Esteban Vihaio was just too good for Oscar voters to understand.
As ecstatic as I am for the prospect of this sequel, I do hope that Tarantino gets back to work on making more original characters. The Bear Jew is already one of my favorite movie characters of the decade, and Hans Landa is certainly one of the creepiest villains the silver screen. But as long as Tarantino’s knack for brilliant dialogue, deep characters, and visual humor still holds up, then a little more “Kill Bill” should never be a problem.
In Other Awesome Pop Culture News: Chris Lilley, Australia’s answer to Christopher Guest, is slated to make another comedy for HBO. This follows the success of his brilliant, twisted “Summer Heights High.” It’s called “Angry Boys.” It’s about what it’s like to be a man in the 21st Century. This show will also be shot in mockumentary style, and Lilley will also play multiple characters. Please, please, bring Jonah back.