Tommy Wiseau: Persistence is Everything

Tommy Wiseau is the auteur no one ever asked for, and the one no one ever wants to go away. Not because he actually displays any sort of artistic merit, but because he is just always here.

For those of you unfamiliar, Tommy Wiseau came out of nowhere and released a movie called “The Room.” Like any enduring cinematic classic, “The Room” was largely ignored upon initial release. Years later, it gained much popularity and a huge cult following once audiences started to realize it was one of the most awful, laughably implausible movies ever made.
“The Room” looks like it was shot for six dollars, despite having a budget of $6 million, and the dialogue sounds like it was created by someone who does not have any understanding at all of the English language.
Today, “Room” lovers were given another reason to live: Wiseau plans to release “The Room” in 3D. Yes, that means the horrifyingly long sex scenes will be given an extra dimension. Here’s an upgrade no one asked for, but we will (somewhat) thankfully be receiving. Wiseau also plans to release the film in Blu-Ray. To that he might say, “oh, hi technology!”
Now, as someone who has openly railed against 3D on various occasions, I am strangely excited for this. As an unapologetic “Room” fan, I am always excited to see what shocking heights of awfulness Wiseau is capable of. We saw another glance of what other possible stories he could produce, when the vampire short film “The House that Drips Blood on Alex” was released online earlier this year.
Not only will “The Room” be treated to two new formats, but Wiseau also plans to release a clothing line. That’s right; he’s even taking over the garment industry now. I have a good feeling that the 3D won’t look so great, the Blu-Ray features will just make the movie even more confusing, and his clothes will likely lack a basic necessity like buttons, or fabric.
Yet, despite the complete lack of talent, it is almost impossible to ever hate this man. Why? Because when the world tells him he’s as bad as Ed Wood, he doesn’t back down. When people tell him he can’t speak English, he just keeps speaking. He will never give up his unique, eccentric personality. There is nothing Tommy Wiseau can’t do right, but that doesn’t mean he is going to ever stop doing it. And that is why “The Room” is a cinematic masterpiece, and Tommy Wiseau is its auteur. Bring on the 3D.
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