Another Wes Anderson Montage to Brighten Your Day

Here I am, after a long day of Rush recruitment, trapped in the “dungeon” of Bird Library. This is supposed to be a distraction free zone, that is until you find a new video like this one.

A little while back, I posted a supercut of Wes Anderson closeups. Now, someone has gone to the trouble of compiling another one of the director’s trademarks: the slow-motion shot. The makers of this video (Slacktory) took an unconventional approach and set this montage to Ja Rule music. While Anderson’s movies typically consist of 60s pop music, this music choice works surprisingly well, and synchs almost perfectly against most of the shots.

This is what I love about YouTube: it allows users to not only analyze movies they like, but retell them in a way that even the best filmmaker might never have thought of. Here’s hoping this video is not breaking too many copyright laws. Watch it below:

I found out about this video on Filmdrunk.