The Hits of the Holiday Season According to Your Grandparents

Land of Grandparents

It’s the holiday season. Between Christmas and New Years, you will probably be spending a lot of time with relatives you don’t normally see.

If you’re spending time with your grandparents, prepare for a lot of talk about how everything was better in the past, and how you’re part of the worst generation ever. It’s annoying but it’s family, so you love them. And there’s no better way to connect with family than through a trip to the movies.

Movie titles are hard, and your grandparents might have trouble remembering some of those names. Luckily, they wisely find a way to get around this: by coming up with their own titles. Some of these make no sense, and some of them are much funnier and more creative than the original titles. In order to bridge the confusion of the generation gap, here is a key to the big movies of the holiday season, according to your grandparents:

12 Years a Slave: 10 Years a Slave

American Hustle: The American Hustler

Anchorman 2: All These Comedies Are Garbage

Dallas Buyers Club: The Texas Buying Club

Frozen: Freezing

Her: She

Inside Llewyn Davis: What’s That?

Last Vegas: The Las Vegas Picture

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty: Saving Walter Midas

The Wolf of Wall Street: The One with the Handsome Boy from Titanic

Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas: Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas (I have no idea why they get this one right)