Weekly Roundup of Movie Memorabilia on eBay: Useless Sweater Edition


According to scientists, about 95% of the world’s ocean remains unexplored. One could say the same about eBay.

Another week, and no disappointments this time. My eBay Screenshots folder gets bigger and weirder by the day. This time, I also spent some time exploring what costumes the site had to offer. As always, people will buy just about anything if it means they own a piece of movie history, no matter how bad the prop or the movie itself.

This week, I left with even more questions than answers. Who finds these props? Who likes “Daredevil”? Who remembers “Syriana”? Perhaps these questions can be answered as I venture further down the rabbit hole:


Chris Hanson will be waiting at the house of whoever decides to buy this.



I am still convinced that “Daredevil” has a dedicated fan base out there, which includes my fifth grade self. I plan on looking at all the bidders to find out exactly who all of these people are.


Galaxy Quest

This is one of my two favorites from this week’s batch (the other one is down towards the bottom). If you haven’t seen “Galaxy Quest,” then you’re missing out on an overlooked classic that might actually make you like Tim Allen, but just for 90 minutes.

GalaxyQuestLittle Nicky

Say it with me.  LittleNicky

Oz: The Great and Powerful

For somebody who desperately wants to own a piece of Mila Kunis, but doesn’t care how accurate the chin is. Seriously, this looks nothing like Mrs. Kelso. It looks much more like a bust of Grandpa Phil from “Hey Arnold.”

OzSilver Linings Playbook

Cool, let’s exploit a bipolar character for even more money! In all seriousness, I love “Silver Linings Playbook,” and selling this shirt is a smart choice. There is a big potential market in both people who want Bradley Cooper, and people who want to be Bradley Cooper. Either one of these two camps would probably buy this.



For that special somebody who really wants to own a piece of Sam Raimi’s “Spider-Man,
but only has $1,499 left in their bank account. Spider-Man

Spider-Man 3

I still haven’t seen “Spider-Man 3″ yet, so I unfortunately can’t make fun of it in any sort of specific way. Here is yet another minor prop from a major movie that you can blow thousands of dollars on. Seriously, how do we know that this was actually used in “Spider-Man 3″? Are there drug-sniffing dogs that can pick up on Tobey Maguire smell? If not, they should be invented.


Spiderman3SweaterStep Brothers

(Frantically searches for $79,999.99 in back pocket).


Hey, remember that quasi-mediocre George Clooney political thriller from 2005? Of course you don’t! Well, here is something to remember it by: a handheld camera they used in the movie that isn’t even cool enough or old enough to be considered vintage.  Syriana