The Reel Deal Presents: The Oscars 2014 Drinking Game


What I found when I Googled “Oscars Drinking.”

Now that I am 21, I am officially old enough to condone drinking. It’s about time.

Nothing improves an American past time quiet like alcohol. Since tonight’s Oscars could go on for over four hours, drinking would definitely help make the show go by faster. Given the predictable nature of awards shows and Hollywood celebrities in general, a fun drinking game isn’t hard to come up with.

Here is The Reel Deal’s official drinking game for the 2014 Academy Awards. For even more alcoholic fun, check out the last one I put together back in 2012. In order to win The Reel Deal Oscars 2014 Drinking Game, you must drink every time:

  • Somebody thanks their manager in their speech.
  • Somebody thanks their agent in their speech.
  • Somebody goes over the time limit while making their speech.
  • Somebody makes a joke about Meryl Streep.
  • The camera pans over to Meryl Streep, and she looks absolutely charming.
  • There is a montage about old movies to fill time.
  • Somebody makes a joke about how it is raining in LA.
  • A winner tells their children to “go to bed” in their speech.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t win.
  • Somebody makes a joke about quaaludes.
  • Jack Nicholson is in the audience wearing sunglasses.
  • Jack Nicholson looks generally confused, as if he is not sure if he is at the Oscars or a Lakers game.
  • Somebody makes a joke about the hairstyles in “American Hustle.”
  • Somebody makes a joke about how old Bruce Dern and June Squibb are.
  • Jennifer Lawrence does something awkward and relatable. She’s just like us!
  • Somebody uses their speech to promote a cause. Take an extra shot if it’s about gay rights, Ukraine, or Russia.
  • Matthew McConaughey says “alright, alright, alright.”
  • Matthew McConaughey says something weird and zen in his acceptance speech, probably involving other planets.
  • Uncomfortable Woody Allen reference.
  • Mickey Rooney is there for some reason.
  • When Kevin Hart shows up, or if somebody makes a joke about how Kevin Hart is in every movie now.
  • A joke about how director Steve McQueen is also in “Bullitt.” (NOTE: This will probably never happen. But I wish it would.)
  • Every time they perform a nominated song, and there is a general sadness in the air because that song isn’t “Please Mr. Kennedy.”

May your Oscar party be as crazy as this one: