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Five Great Robin Williams Performances


Robin Williams’ death is still hitting me hard. I imagine it is still hurting everybody else as well. Over the past few days, it has sparked a much needed national conversation about depression and suicide. It has also reminded everybody of precisely what made this man such a genius, and why his loss is truly so devastating. He was talented in his work, and kind to everybody that he met.

In order to celebrate the life of Robin Williams just a little bit more, here are five essential film performances from him:

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Robin Williams: A Seriously Funny Man



Robin Williams, both the funniest and most serious man alive, was found dead in his home today of an apparent suicide. He was 63. This sucks.

Going through Williams’ entire career is pointless, because there is just so much to pick apart. It seems like everybody is reacting to his death in the same way, yet remembering a different part of him. That is because Robin Williams did so much, and was known for so many things.

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